Jobs of the Month

April 2021

I always think April as a tricky month. Its one that really keeps you on your toes as we can have temperatures that can bring warm sunny days, but we can also have snow and frosts and minus figures. So I would enter April with an air of caution. Dont plant out anything tender and sit and enjoy the warm sunny days instead. I'd have some horticulture fleece to hand too.

Here are some jobs you can be doing this month:

Rake moss from lawns

Moss in lawns outcompetes the grass for water and nutrients so it is recommended that you remove as much as you can.

You can either do this manually with a metal rake or use a scarifying machine.

If your lawn is big then it will be very hard work if you do it manually so consider getting a specialist in to do the job for you.

The lawn won't look pretty afterwards for a while but it will be worth it in the end.

Spruce up your pots

If your pots are looking a little tired after the winter, now is the time to give them a little tlc.

Remove the first inch or two of compost and replace it with fresh compost or homemade leafmould.

Remove and discard any plants that look like they've had their best or are dead and replace them with something bright and cheery.

Give them a good water once your done.

Do bear in mind that I write this at the beginning of each month so there might be some jobs that you will need to wait until the weather improves to do some of them. Timing will also vary depending on where you live in the UK.

Easy peasy tasks

Get your spuds in the ground asap

Sow grass seed

Sow annual flowers like Cosmos

Water your pots. Believe it or not they are drying out!

Put plant supports in place

Keep up with the weeding

Keep watch for gooseberry sawfly

Teach your cats to garden...... :)))