Jobs of the Month

February 2021

If you look you can find signs of life in the garden during February which gives us hope. Spring is coming..... the evenings are getting lighter..... things are starting to look up.

Here are some jobs you can be doing this month:

Prune raspberries

Autumn raspberries should be pruned now.

Prune each cane right down to the ground. Ensure your pruning cutt is to an angle as this allows the water to run off.

This will encourage new buds to form which will create your new canes for fruit later in the year.

Force rhubarb

If you want lovely yummy rhubarb early in the season then start to force them now.

Cover the crown with a forcer or bin to block out the light and it will encourage the plant to start growing earlier than normal. This makes the stems pink and tender.

Dont do this on new plants as they will not have enough energy or yearly either.

Do you remember your hard work in the autumn getting your bulbs planted? Well these should be emerging from the ground by now so go and take a peak!

Easy peasy tasks

Resume slug watch as they will eat your lovely new seedlings

Keep off the grass! Walking on it will damage it and leave you with worn out patches that wont recover

Deadhead winter pansies to prolong flowering

Keep weeding if the ground isn't too hard. Think of Strictly but just replace the word 'dancing' to 'weeding'

Sow sweet peas and place in a heated propagator on a windowsill

Keep looking after the wildlife in your garden by providing a steady stream of food and clean water

Prepare your soil for your veggies. Give it a rake then cover for a few weeks to warm the soil up

Can we go out yet? I'm going to be 50 shades of pink at this rate!